The Shady Grove Pregnancy Center offers a variety of services to anyone facing an unexpected, unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. All our services are free and respect your right for privacy.

Pregnancy Test

Within minutes, our lab-quality pregnancy test will give you a positive or negative result with a 99% accuracy rate. Depending on results you may qualify for a limited obstetrical ultrasound. Visit our FAQ for more information.

Pregnancy Counseling

In a supportive environment, you will meet with one of our trained pregnancy counselors to help you evaluate your situation, explore your feelings and examine your options of abortion, parenting and adoption. Every situation is unique and you deserve to have the facts to make a good decision for yourself.

Limited Ultrasound

We perform free, on-site, limited obstetrical ultrasounds for the purpose of confirming and verifying the viability of the pregnancy.

Referral Support

If you need medical care, STD testing, health insurance, financial assistance, food and clothing, legal services, etc, we can refer you to the appropriate community resource(s) in Montgomery County.

Pregnancy Classes

We offer pregnancy classes to first-time mothers and fathers. The classes are designed to educate and equip you with healthy and positive ways to prepare for the arrival of your newborn.

Material Assistance

We provide a variety of items such as maternity and baby clothes, diapers, formula and other items to low-income mothers and their families struggling to provide for their infant's needs.

Spanish Services

Once a week we offer pregnancy tests, counseling, material assistance and community referrals in Spanish.

Abortion After-Care Services

If you find that you would like help coping with emotions associated with your abortion, we have a licensed counselor available to meet with you.

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Pregnancy counseling at the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center is performed by volunteers trained in pregnancy counseling. The counseling is not intended as a substitution for professional counseling, if needed.