Tips for Dad: Ten Ways to Be a Better Dad

Father and baby
  1. Respect Your Child's Mother

  2. Spend Time with Your Child

  3. Earn the Right to Be Heard

  4. Discipline with Love

  5. Be a Role Model

  6. Be a Teacher

  7. Eat Together as a Family

  8. Read to your Child

  9. Show Affection

  10. Realize that a Father's Job is Never Done

While each man may have his own style of parenting, common characteristics of a successful father are:

  • Being involved in the day-to-day life of his child(ren)
  • Unwavering love shown by words and physical action
  • Providing financial, emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual support
  • Establishing consistency in his child's life

When fathers are consistently present in their child's life, the positive benefits in the child's development and socialization are immense. Studies show that such children are more likely to:

  • Be healthier and well-adjusted,
  • Develop a positive self-esteem,
  • Establish moral standards, and
  • Do well in school and in dealing with others

For more information on fatherhood visit the National Fatherhood Initiative

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