Baby Showers

The Shady Grove Pregnancy Center is invested in the lives of newborns and their families. We have two programs to assist them — our Material Assistance and Parenting programs. Hosting a baby shower is the perfect way to fill our "closets" for babies in need.

Suggested Shower Ideas

  • Baby Clothes Shower. Sleepers, sizes 9 to 18 months; 9 to 18 months girls/boys outfits. In the winter: coats, turtlenecks, long pants, dresses and tights. In the summer: t-shirts, shorts, dresses.

  • Formula Shower. Milk based and soy based formula, prefer powder form in 12.9 oz can of either Enfamil with iron or Isomil with iron. One year expiration date.

  • Diaper Shower. Disposable diapers sizes 4-5-6. Baby wipes, powder and lotion.

  • Pregnancy Class Shower. Onsies 3-9 months, sleepers 3-9 months, play outfits 3-9 months, towels, wash cloths, receiving blankets, crib sheets, baby blankets, socks, bibs.

  • Baby Furniture Shower. Cribs, convertible car seats, port-a-cribs, light weight strollers, umbrella strollers.

If you are interested in hosting a baby shower
and need more information,
contact our Community Outreach Coordinator at