Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency or Adoption Lawyer

If you consider adoption, talk to several agencies or lawyers and ask as many questions as you need. Below are a few samples:

  • What types of services do you offer, and what are the fees (if any)?

  • Will I get counseling? During what time period? (Example: before the birth; after placement?)

  • How will you handle obtaining the consent of the baby's father?

  • Will you help pay expenses for medical care, housing, counseling, legal fees, or other?

  • If I change my mind about the adoption, will I have to pay for services already received? (Note, this is illegal in most states)

  • How do you find and screen prospective adoptive parents?

  • What role can I play in getting to know and selecting the family who will adopt my child?

  • Can I receive ongoing information about my child or be able to have direct contact after placement (if I want that option)? What services do you provide to help us stay in touch?

  • How would you handle the situation if my baby was born with a disability?

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