Join the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center

Our Goal

The goal of the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center is to reach out to women who think they are pregnant with the message, "Pregnant? You have Options! Contact the Shady Grove Pregnancy Center. We can help."


As a pregnancy center we want to support women who find themselves facing an unexpected, unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

Services include:

  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Options Education
  • Limited Sonograms
  • Pregnancy Classes
  • Community Referrals and Resources
  • Material Support
  • Abortion After Care Services


In 1982 two groups of people were working independently to establish a pregnancy center in upper Montgomery County. When they learned of each other's existence, they joined forces and founded the Center.

The Center opened its doors in 1983. Starting with a few folding chairs, some borrowed pictures and a few willing but untested volunteers, the Center became an oasis of hope for women and their children.


Over 21,000 women have come through our doors seeking assistance. As needs were revealed, programs were created to answer them. The Center's name has become well established. We have cooperative relationships with local social service agencies, hospitals, high schools, businesses and churches in the community.

We went from a few untested volunteers to over 60 trained volunteers, many of them bringing professional expertise to their positions. Our full-time executive director is a licensed clinical social worker and our staff is comprised of several part-time employees. We are affiliated with two national organizations and are governed by a Board of Directors who are drawn from the local community.

For more information on how to become involved contact us at 301-963-9223.