Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS)

After an abortion, some women find it hard to "forget" or "move on" from their experience. The reasons for this vary. Often it happens when a woman feels she has not been given the chance to acknowledge and grieve the loss(es) associated with the abortion.

How Do I know If I have PASS?

Do you find yourself experiencing the following?
  • Overwhelming feelings of sadness, regret, guilt, depression or numbness.

  • Physical reminders of your abortion affect you like babies, pregnant women, baby clothes, or visits to specific doctors.

  • Struggling to turn off feelings and memories related to the abortion.

  • Feelings of anger or resentment towards those connected with the abortion (boyfriend, husband, parents, doctors, nurses, etc.).

  • Tendency to look at your life in terms of "before" or "after" the abortion.

  • Mentally experiencing the abortion again. You find yourself feeling transported back to the abortion experience. Sounds trigger the memories like a vacuum cleaner or dentist drill. At night you dream about it.

If you answered, "yes" to some or all of these questions, you may be experiencing PASS. Know that you do not have to face this alone. We understand and are available.

Men can experience PASS also.

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