Abortion Checklist

Tips to Consider Prior to an Abortion

Pregnancy Test

Confirm you are pregnant

Missing a period does not automatically mean you are pregnant. It is possible that you are not. We provide a lab-quality pregnancy test that will give you a positive or negative result with a 99% accuracy rate.

Know how many weeks you are pregnant

There are different types of abortion depending on how far along you are in the pregnancy.

Be sure your pregnancy is viable

Is there a heartbeat? If there is no heartbeat, you may not need an abortion. We can perform a limited ultrasound on site to verify whether the pregnancy is viable and determine how many weeks you are pregnant.

Understand Abortion Procedures

Abortion is a medical procedure. Be sure you understand what type of abortion you will receive and what is involved in the procedure.

For instance, in a vacuum aspiration abortion the procedure is to stretch your cervical muscle with dilators (metal rods) until the opening is wide enough to allow the abortion tools to pass into the uterus. The doctor then turns on the suction machine, which pulls the placenta and fetus into parts small enough to pass out of your body through the suction tube.

Be aware of potential side effects and risks

Every woman is different. Her experience is different. Some women report no problems while others experienced some of the following:

• heavy bleeding
• infections
• perforation of the uterus
• scarring of the uterine lining

• feelings of sadness
• regret
• depression
• anger
• memories related to the abortion

Know what supporting services will be provided with the abortion

As part of your overall care, you should be offered both pre and post abortion counseling. If the abortion provider does not offer these services, you may want to consider another clinic that does.

Know your rights

You are in control. You have the right to take the time you need to gather all the information. If you are feeling rushed or pressured to move quickly, you have the right to take a breath and slow down. If you decide abortion is right for you but at the appointment find yourself unsure, you have the right to say, "Stop" and rethink your decision through.

Our Commitment

As a pregnancy center, our staff is trained to explain the different abortion methods and the procedures involved. We are available to provide both pre and post abortion counseling services. However, we are not an abortion provider.

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